2013-03-28: Strategy vs Tactics.

How do we know we're focusing on the right stuff?!?

- We ask the two simple questions in the correct order.

Before I go ahead and spill the beans, a brief aside:

Strategy is the 'Why' of what we're doing.

Tactics is the 'How' of what we're doing.

Here is an enterprise example of Tactics vs Strategy. I went to NFJS last spring (I missed this spring but will go to the fall session). I came back from Brian Sletten's series of REST talks with a different outlook on life: a more-semantic view of the web. I was so excited! I wanted to discuss resources and links and meaning with everyone who would listen. However, the first few dicussions I had with Very Smart People around the office went something like this:

This example illustrates clearly the difference between strategy and tactics, between why and how. What framework you choose for a RESTful Java backend is certainly important; but much more imporant is Why do you want to use REST in the first place. Do you want be hip? Are you fascinated by Roy Fielding? Are you simply tired of the verbosity of SOAP?

How do we know we're focusing on the right stuff?!?

First ask 'WHY?'. Then ask 'How?. Strategy then Tactics.