2013-02-15: A New Tankanow.

I'm disappointed that it has been two weeks since my last post. I really admire the writer so connected to Calliope that daily posts are a welcome relief of building pressure rather than a recurring reminder of how dry the well can be.

Earlier this week my wife produced our new muse: Alana Jane Tankanow - our first child. We have spent the last 3 days in enchanted fear: loving her more than we knew we could; hearing her cry and not knowing what to do; listening to a nurse explain jaundice; and accepting those things we can't control.

Luckily, Alana's Bilirubin level is now within safe levels for a 3-day-old; therefore, our week-long stay at the hospital is coming to an end.

Love to all those whose support carried us through this beautiful journey.

More appreciation than can be expressed to the wonderful staff of UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester, Ma for the unending care and kindness for the past 7 days.