2013-01-25: A Jump Forward

I just added Joodo to this site. It has made a huge difference! Now all of the individual posts are in a separate folder and stored as .hiccup. I use joodo to slurp these files in on the fly and render them. This way I just need to add new posts in hiccup format in a directory and auto-magically I have a new post and link on the home page.

I am going to post the code for this blog on Github hopefully this weekend.

Story Time

There are two kinds of people in this world: rock and sand. Rock is not easily written to: it does not easily learn new skills - yet when something is written on rock it lasts forever, that is literally etched in stone. Sand is easily written to: it easily learns new skills - yet when something is written in sand it can easily be wiped away.

Neal Ford said something similar at No Fluff in March of 2012 (excuse my paraphrasing) - it takes me a long time to learn something new, but I learn it well.